Dreaming Pearl


For many years, I had my own website that hosted all of my stories and projects. However, losing my hosts multiple times over the last decade lead me to keeping everything on Tumblr. Now that personal websites are coming back in style, I've decided to relaunch Dreaming Pearl. Originally launching in 2008, it will take a lot of time bringing more than a decade's worth of work over but I look forward to seeing this site return to its former glory.

While most stories on this site can be read by everyone, there are some that are for adults only. Please be mindful of all ratings and warnings when browsing. Using any of my work for AI purposes is strictly forbidden.


Mar 13, 2024 New story called Yesterday added to the Hetalia fic masterlist. Nov 18, 2023 Updated the Playlists page with my old Hetalia fanmixes. These are almost 10 years old so an update to the tracklists will likely be coming soon. Nov 11, 2023 Updated the Links page with a few link banners and fanlistings. Nov 04, 2023 I've been working on many of the pages over the last few weeks behind the scenes. All of the stories were uploaded as of last week. I wasn't happy with the main layout so I changed it (again). Sep 30, 2023 Launched!



Fics in Progress A collection of fanfics currently in progress. The Dimensional Door A Sailor Moon, human AU featuring the Nordic-Baltic 8, Pol, and Hun from Hetalia. Poketalia AU A Pokemon, human AU featuring the majority of the cast from Hetalia. Portions of the PokeEarth projects are used for this AU. PokeEarth What would life look like if Pokemon were part of our world? This project aims to tackle that question.